Digital solutions

Digital solutions

Digital solutions

The future of orthodontics has already begun with us. Digital solutions optimize the workflow for doctors and orthodontists.

A digital model is generated using a scan of the jaw. With the aid of planning software, the desired position of the BENEfit® screws is determined and the insertion template is manufactured. In parallel, the apparatus can already be manufactured. This gives the clinician the opportunity to implant and insert the appliance in one session.

The one visit principle represents an enormous gain in time and convenience for both the orthodontist and the patient.

Digital Motion


Screwable, 2 pcs.
Reference number 33-10901


Double sleeve, 2 pcs.
Reference no. 33-10910

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De Franco parallel guide

included 1 fixation screw
Reference number 33-54578
length 6 mm + 8 mm
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