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The use of mini-anchor screws has become increasingly common in orthodontic practice over the past 20 years. As one of the first systems for skeletal anchorage, our quattro system has set standards in this respect: Extremely versatile in application and continuously developed, it offers orthodontists all over the world a wide range of options for reliable anchorage of orthodontic appliances.

One of the first and now most widely used screws – the quattro screw – has been continuously developed and optimized for all common applications thanks to the hook shape and the quattro bracket head. With the quattro mini screw a new even smaller bracket head design is launched. The quattro mini screw opens up a new dimension in patient comfort, optimizing not only the delicate structure but also the product design.


  • Clinically tested
  • Implant material titanium
  • Self-drilling screw design
  • Reliable, secure fixation
  • Innovative mounting options
  • Reinforced conical shape
  • Deep and narrow thread pitch
  • Various screw heads
  • Available in different lengths


  • High stability
  • Immediate resilience
  • Can be combined with common orthodontic accessories
  • Optimal mechanical retention
  • Prevents gingival irritation
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Easy insertion
  • Variable treatment spectrum

Atraumatic platform underside reduces pressure on the tissue.

Deep thread flanks and narrow thread pitch for maximum anchorage even in cancellous bone.

Continously sharp thread flanks.

Optimized thread design allows easy insertion without pressure (corkscrew principle).

selfdrilling screw tip

quattro RH mini

ø 1.5 mm, Material Titanium
Size (ø x length)
ST-33-15007 1.5 x 7 mm
ST-33-15009 1.5 x 9 mm
ST-33-15011 1.5 x 11 mm
ST-33-15013 1.5 x 13 mm

quattro RH mini

ø 2,0 mm, material Titanium
Size (ø x length)
ST-33-20007 2.0 x 7 mm
ST-33-20009 2.0 x 9 mm
ST-33-20011 2.0 x 11 mm
ST-33-20013 2.0 x 13 mm
quattro mini + micro – Examples

quattro RH mini plus

ø 1.6 mm, Material Titanium
Size (ø x length)
ST-33-13775 1.6 x 7.5 mm
ST-33-13795 1.6 x 10 mm

quattro RH micro

ø 1.3 mm, Material Titanium
Size (ø x length)
ST-33-133608 1.3 x 8 mm

quattro RH mini

ø 1.6 mm, Material Titanium
Size (ø x length)
ST-33-13675 1.6 x 7.5 mm
ST-33-13695 1.6 x 10 mm
Quattro container

Matter of the head

Everything is possible: Due to the high number of different designs and configurations of the screw head, the quattro system offers a maximum range of applications for the most diverse possibilities of orthodontic anchorage.

quattro standard | quattro hook – Examples

quattro standard

ø 1.5 mm | ø 2.0 mm | ø 2.3 mm
lengths 7 | 9 | 11 | 13 mm
Diameter 1.5 | 2.0 | 2.3 mm

quattro hook

ø 1.5 mm | ø 2.0 mm | ø 2.3 mm
lengths 7 | 9 | 11 mm
Diameter 1.5 | 2.0 | 2.3 mm
quattro plus | quattro plus V – Examples

quattro plus

ø 1.5 mm | ø 2.0 mm | ø 2.3 mm
lengths 7 | 9 | 11 mm
Diameter 1.5 | 2.0 | 2.3 mm
q .018 x .025 inch / .022 x .028 inch

quattro plus V

ø 2.0 mm | ø 2.3 mm
lengths 7 | 9 | 11 mm
Diameter 2.0 | 2.3 mm
q .018 x .025 inch / .022 x .028 inch
quattro usage

Usage of quattro screws

How quattro works in practice
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quattro mini Aligner Screw


Aligners are on everyone’s lips these days and are enjoying ever-growing popularity. To increase their effectiveness and achieve even better predictability of treatment results, aligners are often combined with orthodontic miniscrews. The new quattro® mini aligner screw from PSM Medical is available for precisely this purpose.

The mini screw made of titanium was specially developed for combination with aligners. Based on the design of the popular quattro® mini, the new quattro® mini aligner screw has a higher head. It is also equipped with a larger diameter (2.3 mm) to increase primary stability.


ST-33-15909 2.3×9 mm
ST-33-15911 2.3×11 mm
ST-33-15913 2.3×13 mm
ST-33-15915 2.3×15 mm
quattro aligner

Aligner screws in use

quattro® aligner screw
quattro® aligner screw with aligner
quattro® aligner screw with aligner

No compromises

The use of the highest quality instrumentation is key to the successful and safe placement of PSM Medical orthodontic implants. We offer a wide range of instruments for all applications, all in the proven top quality “Made by PSM”.


A pioneering solution

The optimal combination of implant, appliance and instrumentation, precisely aligned with the individual clinical indication, that is the claim of PSM Medical. This is how we guarantee our customers the highest level of quality, safety and functionality in the application. And therewith a treatment for patience all around the world at its best.


Secure hold

With special orthodontic bone plates for intraoral fixation in the mandible and maxilla, the Mentoplate system offers ideal options for achieving increased anchorage stability. The system includes titanium plates that are fixed to the bone with self-drilling screws and is the perfect solution especially for early Class III indications.

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