Proven product quality and highly sophisticated workmanship ensure safe and precise work in demanding clinical practice: our drills offer you all the possibilities.


Drill ø 1,0 mm

for ø 1,5/1,8 mm screws
Reference no. 12-12625

Drill ø 0,9 mm

for ø 1,3 mm screws
Article number 12-12609

Drill ø 1,4 mm

EASY DRIVER for ø 2.0 mm screw
Article number 10-67513

Drill ø 1,8 mm

EASY DRIVER for ø 2,3 mm screws
Article number 11-18452

Drill ø 1,4 mm

for ø 2 mm Screws
Reference no. 33-10914

Drill ø 1,2 mm

for ø 1,5/1,8 mm screws
Article number 11-12208
Drill stop, 9 mm
Further equipment

Stop sleeve, 9 mm

Article number 33-18309

Container for drill stop set

Empty, 1 pc.
Article number 73-31888


1 pc, required for removal
Article number 33-18302
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