Fields of application

Transpalatal arch (TPA)

Supports of the molars

Anchored using the proven BENEfit® system, the transpalatal arch (TPA) provides secure support for the molars and prevents possible tipping. This is achieved by using prefabricated abutments with wire.


Hyrax® Ring

incl. 1 fixation screw
Reference no. 33-54461
wire ø 1.1 mm |
120 mm lang

Hyrax® Ring

incl. 2 fixation screws
Reference no. 33-54464
wire ø 1.1 mm |
120 mm lang
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front anchorage

Secure anterior teeth

For stable securing of the anterior teeth, the proven BENEplate® is bent with wire and attached to the anterior teeth, holding them in a secure position.

BENEfit® DIRECT Smartlock screw
Temporary implant

Consistently convincing

With the aid of the BENEfit® screw, temporary anterior gaps are closed very easily using a PEEK abutment and a ceramic crown: For a medically and optically convincing result.

Temporary Pontics

BENEfit® PEEK Abutment

incl. 1 fixation screw
Reference no. 33-54466

BENEfit® PEEK Abutment

15° angled | incl. 1 fixation screw
Reference no. 33-54469
degrees 15° angled
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The smart solution

PSM BENEfit temporary pontic with PEEK abutment
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molar uprighting

Back to the roots

A BENEfit® screw is inserted into the alveolar ridge to straighten the molars. With the help of an abutment with bracket and a ligature, the molar is moved back into the correct position.

Abutment with one bracket
Abutment with 2 Brackets
tooth retention

With spring force

Using a BENEfit® screw together with an abutment with bracket and a bent wire ligature with spring action, the retained tooth is extruded.



with 2 brackets
Reference no. 33-54452


with 1 Bracket
Reference no. 33-54450


with loop
Reference no. 33-54445
Mouse trap

Molars back in place

Here, a BENEplate® (0.8 mm) with a spring-loaded wire construction is combined with a TPA: In this way, extruded molars can be moved back into the correct anatomical position.

BENEplate paramedian

BENEplate S

Reference number 33-54474
wire ø 0.8 mm | 120 mm long

BENEplate S

Reference number 33-54408
wire ø 0.8 mm | 120 mm long


Reference no. 33-54523
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