Hybrid Hyrax RPE

The solution for RPE

Hybrid Hyrax and Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer

The Hyrax® Ring, as well as the Hyrax® Abutment facilitate the construction and fixation of a Hybrid Hyrax® appliance. They allow the expansion screw to be welded or soldered to the flat part of the ring and permit minute rotational movements when connecting the apparatus to the BENEfit® screw. Der Hyrax® Ring includes one fixation screw.

Hybrid Hyrax® RPE

Hyrax® Ring

incl. 2 fixation screws
Reference number 33-54462

Hyrax® Ring with wire

incl. 1 fixation screw
Reference no. 33-54465
wire ø 1,1 mm |
60 mm long

BENEfit® Hyrax Abutment

Reference number 33-54463
bmx® – BENEfit® Maxillary Xpander
ST 33-57510
bmx® – BENEfit® Maxillary Xpander

Unlimited possibilities

The system enables a RPE appliance anchored solely by BENEfit® screws in patients of all ages. The bmx expander includes prefabricated connection options to the BENEfit® implant with the PSM Hyrax rings®. With the help of the De Franco parallel guide, the distance and parallelism can be displayed directly on the patient.

bmx® – BENEfit® Maxillary Xpander

incl. 2 fixation screws
33-57506 6 mm
33-57508 8 mm
33-57510 10 mm (max. expansion)

bmx® – BENEfit® Maxillary Distalizer

33-57308 8 mm
33-57310 10 mm
33-57312 12 mm (max. expansion)
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Hybrid Hyrax

Usage of Hybrid Hyrax

Hybrid hyrax with connection to the molars
Result after expansion
BMX Hyrax MINI for children
Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer

Multiple combination options

Hybrid Hyrax with additional distalization/mesialization
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