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The reason why we exist

Do you like laughing?

This question might sound strange at the beginning. At PSM Medical, a happy and healthy smile is a significant part of our profession – and of our mission.
Our screws, TAD’s and instruments have set up new standards for the orthodontic implantology. In jargon, we are talking about mesialization, distalization, Hybrid Hyrax or RPE. But we can come to the point easily:With the products from PSM Medical, teeth get to the place where they belong. And this is done comparatively easy, uncomplicated and faster and it is nearly invisible. This makes a huge difference for the patients – as well as for the attending doctors. We know this very well, as we are working very closely with them.

By which we come back to the smile again. After all, it is quite easy: We, at PSM Medical, are providing dentists and orthodontists with the appropriate equipment for a successful treatment of their patients. In the first instance, it is all about dental health, but moreover, it is about the aesthetical factor and the feeling of having beautiful teeth.
Satisfied customers all over the world show that we are on the right path. Their trust reinforces our claim at PSM Medical as one of the world’s most important manufacturers of orthodontic implants.

The management

“In the beginning, it took some convincing. Today it is clear: our innovations in the field of palatal anchorage are pioneering in the truest sense of the word.”

Edwin Schmid, CEO and founder of PSM Medical
Who we are

Premium by conviction

Do you know what PSM stands for? The three letters stand for Precision Screw Manufacturer and refer to the beginnings of our company in 1993, which are still formative for us today.

But PSM Medical stands for much more: in particular for a comprehensive demand on the quality and range of our solutions as well as the way in which we conduct our business. With two locations – our headquarters in southern Germany and our subsidiary in the USA – PSM Medical is represented worldwide.

Our headquarters in Gunningen are located in the immediate vicinity of Tuttlingen, the world centre of medical technology. This is where genuine workmanship has its home. We at PSM Medical also see our work in this tradition. With the BENEfit® screw, for example, we have developed a standard in the field of palatal and skeletal anchorage. The fact that, in addition to screws, implants, instruments and a wide set of accessories are now also part of the PSM portfolio underlines our claim to be a top manufacturer and premium partner for orthodontics.

quattro Derton screw

“We do not compromise on the quality of our products. The most important currency for this is: trust”.

Marcel Schmid, Head of Quality at PSM Medical

What has no values
has no value

You don’t become a world market leader in orthodontic implantology in passing. It takes a lot of hard work, it takes courage and perseverance. You mean it also has something to do with values? That’s exactly how it is!

The following guiding principles and values form the base of PSM Medical’s actions. And certainly of our success as well. They are to be seen as a promise – outward and inward.

We stand for quality




At PSM Medical, we have set out to redefine the future of orthodontic implantology. We are now regarded as the leading brand in our fields. This requires a pioneering spirit, courage and the constant drive to make things even better – for the benefit of our customers, for the benefit of patients all over the world. Would you like to continue working with us on this?